HSSB Chapters 77, 78

18 more days to ORD!

Hey all!

It's late today. I finished my last duty today! It was a duty at *N*.

Hmmm, so I was walking out of camp with my junior and trying to get him interested to TL this interesting-looking VR CN novel I just found, and he told me that he had discovered and just listened to my ORD message on his ** duty on this very day.

Right, I had my final ** duty exactly a week ago. Then, I just happened to go to the voice recording function on the comms set XX I was using. And so I drew on some of my own resources and impromptu-ed something out. Let me recollect; what I said was:

To all commanders:

The bitter sea is boundless

But there always exists a backwards shore

Lower your slaughtering knife

Hence shall descend the light of Nirvana.

To all NSFs:

The road ahead will be long and arduous, but you must persevere.

There will be tough times ahead, but you must hang on.

Your mission is to survive and make it out of this place in one piece.

I will be waiting for you on the other side.

O.  R.  D.


And thus I left my legacy behind!

Lol, listening to it at 3am in the morning (on a dark empty road in the middle of nowhere, may I add) by coincidentally drawing the same comms set...well, apparently he said he was creeped out. Hmmm. It's an ORD message, not a farewell dying message...meh.

Anyway, back to HSSB.

Ah Hu moves from a follower and a servant to show his stuff!

HSSB77: I’m happy, what do you care?

HSSB78: Don’t look down on librarians

Um, it's 2359 now, I'm gonna sleep.

TOmorrow start of the weel for some? Start of 8 day MC for me! ANyoen fancy a triple?!




SIgning out.