HSSB Chapters 70, 71


5th and 6th regular chapters of the week!

Because yesterday was close, no TNT today. Still, seeing that he only had 1 chapter to do this week, I did ask him to do some stuff though...

Anyway, in these chapters, the rest of the foundation has basically been built up.

Hmmm, let's see...

Chapter 70: A New Item

Chapter 71: A New Player

And Chapter 72 comes with my first 'Title Withheld' and NO hints! Yayyy! Not really on red flower withering level though.

Right, some name changes: Li Flame True Fire? I just followed the previous two before, but thinking about it it should be Li Yan True Fire (Li is not a surname). Next: Unparalleled Heavenly Scripture to Peerless Heavenly Scripture if the former was what I used before. Will need to sift through because have no idea when it actually appeared.

Smaller stuff: Sealing Dragon Abyss: Black mist to Black fog. Because mist is kinda mild. Also, Feng Yunsheng was actually sorta officially accepted in already I guess so I went back and added an apprentice- for yesterday.

Changes are what TNT are for, right? Although there don't seem to have been any live changes yet. Well, I'll see that the glossary and character list get through. And I'll see if he'll go and add chapter names on the main page. Though it might take a while. He'll resume what he normally does, editing whatever I manage to complete and send to him, today(EST day starts like now), because I managed to catch up a little today.

Hmmm...also, where're the sponsored chapters? Wait, I can answer that-there aren't any. Lol. Well, some kinda announcement thingy will be coming on Friday and then you'll know about the special stuff that'll be coming then. Just know that donations now->special stuff really soon. But you can just wait and see. For Friday's thing.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for tomorrow's really XXX(adjective withheld) chapter! I have no idea how exhausting tomorrow will be for me, or whether or not I will even be home at night, but the chapter's definitely coming.