HSSB Chapters 699, 700 + End of Volume 7!

And so another bottleneck is breached!

End of Volume 7!

Here's Chapter 699: Losing without battling, winning without battling

And Chapter 700: A new generation arises!

Incidentally, the title of Volume 7 was precisely that same <<A new generation arises>>!

Here in the World beyond Worlds, Yan Zhaoge has now risen to prominence, his fame spreading far and wide!!

He alone can be called a generation.

Hence shall begin Volume 8: <<Ascending to the heavens and seizing the moon>>!

Newly ascended into the Martial Saint realm, the time shall (very) soon come for Yan Zhaoge to show his awesomeness once more...

He currently lacks strength like he did years back in the Eight Extremities World, but that shall definitely come to pass...

It's time for the action to come, as Yan Zhaoge seizes the day!

Yeah, Volume 8 begins!!!

Prepare for crazy epicness.



End of Volume 7