HSSB Chapters 64, 65

Hey guys. End of the week already. Tired. Still have to go back to camp tomorrow.

But on the flip side.

Just one more week and it'll be MC time! Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!

So, before I post the chapters, I have one thing to say.

TNT is busy with his job VS Mehxistence is hardcore with his translating

Therefore, TNT will only be able to edit one chapter per day. (This Meh was not a slavedriver lol)

Tusk, Meh b d eddytah 4 da ras. Meh.

Chapter 64: Actions always speak louder than words

Chapter 65: There was a Yan Wudi before, there is still a Yan Wudi now!

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Be satisfied with This Meh's quality. This Meh is fine with editing anyway. This Meh was still editing himself exactly a week ago anyway. Meh, when this Meh becomes full-time Meh-Neet for five months, This Meh meh just do everything himself. Meh-be. Everyone loves This Meh's TL right?

Hey, ya see Meh Chapter 65 title?

Ya one 'There was a Yan Wudi then, and there’s a Yan Wudi again now!' instead?

Ya remember

'If you want people there’s none; if you want a fight there’s some!'?

Ya one

'If you want people there’s none to be found, but if you want a fight come get some!'?

Yeh, Meh no proper ingrish, but Meh like. Meh all-ova-d-place. Meh goes unediting some.


On a more serious note, no offense intended, alright! Meh just loves ranting. Meh finds it crazy entertaining, you see. No negative comments about anyone is allowed, kay? TNT is a real nice guy. TNT and I are just still getting used to each other's styles. While I feel that his language is too rigid and constrained, he thinks that ;s are not proper, and so you'll find more --- floating around. But it's no biggie, really! I'll make sure the meanings all come nicely across regardless. Meh.

So, as I said earlier, end of the week. There'll not be a chapter tomorrow, based on the schedule, but expect one on Sunday. Wait, no Saturday chapters?! Aw....nah. Hint: ORD Special to be announced a week from now, on the 20 day mark. Mmm...Just know that I'll be free to be ultra super-duper hardcore then.

Lol. Can't wait.


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