HSSB Chapters 618, 619

End of Month 11!

Here's Chapter 618!

And 619!

The start of World beyond Worlds!

Start of new month!

Now, all I'll say is meh'ss release coming soon for birthday.

For whatever that day is it's the day with many chapters for everything.

For the upcoming time I'll be TL-ing as hard as I can.

Remember reaching 700 in time for 1 year mark? I'll be trying that.

Also, all-important is the Mehdao.

Spent time gaining insights today, and prepared to focus on it tomorrow.

The Dao of existence can be as simple and straightforward as 10 pages.

Will have it in time for birthday too.

The Mehdao will descend.

Forces of mehness, be wary.

Not ranting today.

For chapters, I believe the Mehdao shall provide.


End of Month 11,