HSSB Chapters 61, 62

Here're the first two chapters of the month!

Fight chapters!

My brain isn't quite working right now; I even posted a page as a post and wrote down the wrong chapter numbers, then had to spend 3 or 4 edits trying to add in a space between two lines. Maybe it had to do with the website dying on me once. Or twice. Or thrice. Hmmm. Is it my internet?

But whatever. I'm probably doing this correctly. Feel free to say if I didn't, k.

Now here're the chapters:

Chapter 61: The Sacred Sun Clan comes knocking

Chapter 62: Repelling them head-on

Edited by: TianTeahouse

And now for a super short word from me:

You think that the fight chapters are over? Heh.

See, I'm being so nice and short today. Have to achieve balance, you see. Meh.

That's all for today~