HSSB Chapters 595, 596 + End of Volume 6

End of Volume 6!

With Chapter 595,

And Chapter 596,

Hence ends Volume 6: <<One Hand Raising The Heavens>>!

With the next chapter will begin Volume 7: <<A New Generation Arises>>!

Now, Zhaoge's clearly going to be heading to the World beyond Worlds soon.

There's already no further challenge for him in the Eight Extremities World.

Some cleaning up awaiting in the Eight Extremities World, and then off to higher realm and beyond!

New challenges, new heights of power, new opponents...yet only a single Yan Zhaoge?

Nah, never forget about OP Yan Di.

Have fun with the new mega-arc thingy!

Also, meh birthday will be in 4 weeks. Like exactly. So there will be meh'ss release. So will prepare.

At the same time, must also pen the heavenly Mehdao. It is calling to me, and I must obey.

Today was last day of university, and I won't have to go out all the time anymore!

Random Impromptu Summary:

There is a single ultimate truth in this world, and it is mehness.

Forces of mehness seek to claim this world, where mehness reigns supreme.

The fabric of reality is naught but mehness, existence but a faltering light.

Hence shall descend the great Mehdao, that which would seek an end to all mehness, and in effect its own end...

A battle against mehness. A battle for existence.



Okay, enough rambling for now. Mehahahmehahah.

Anyway, the main point is-End of Volume 6!

Await Yan Zhaoge making waves in the World above!

I didn't really read ahead, but I know it's gonna be real cool.

Oh yeah, and did I mention how fiction can be an ultimate sovereign against mehness?


End of Volume 6 (and semester!!),