HSSB Chapters 59, 60 +Update

Hey guys, here're the final two chapters of the month!

Hmmm, did anyone find the previous two chapters kind of boring? Um, I actually did. Erm...

Anyways, you thought it was going to come to another boring interrogation arc, didn't you?

I assure you, it's not!

Remember, YZG's en-route to meeting the East Elder, meaning that he's en-route to going to try to talk his clan into accepting Feng Yunsheng. Sad though it may seem, Lin Yushao was just a side story; the author probably didn't want to have to integrate a new character in, and decided to use it for plot's sake instead.

For plot's sake; that means that it won't be dry, boring or predictable, I assure you. This author keeps his plot refreshing, at the very least. You'll see what I mean later on, including in the matter of Lin Yushao. Framing? Nah, everyone knows it'd be impossible already. Just wait and see how it unfolds(you'd want to).

For now, enjoy the chapters(oh, and yeah, I've gone and edited 57 already):

Chapter 59: The Most Important Thing

Chapter 60: You won’t find the people you want, only a pair of fists! (Sponsored by George P, Sibylia L, and Daniel P! Thank you, first time sponsors and second-time sponsor Daniel!)

Edited by TianTeahouse

See, what did I tell you? That header right above this? It means that we're done transitioning and about to go into some Broad Creed Mountain VS Sacred Sun Clan chapters. As for that, there's a teaser to look too(Since it's the first time I'll just link it here I guess)!

That's right, teasers! With TNT around, I can do my chapters faster! Unless I'm sick! And so I can have some of the next day's chapter/s done to tease with! This new editor (even newer than I am a new translator) has been getting accustomed to stuff these past few days, and he's also compiled an updated, better glossary and character list; he'll be posting it very soon! Let's all thank TianTeahouse, and wish him godspeed for his editing journey ahead!


Right, now for the update:

First is...30 more days to ORD! Whoo!

Right, I've got that out. Next.

From the initial 20 chapters, we've now hit 60! Yeah!

I'll just be setting a modest target first: we'll, definitely, somewhen, be hitting 100 next month! Then, those people who only read stuff that's passed 100 chapters are welcome to come read! Hmm, I'm personally not one of those, okay?

Notice something about HSSB releases? They like to come in pairs.

Standalone chapters feel lonely together, aw...there have never come two consecutive days of single releases, because chapters tend to hook up, being the softies that they are.

With that, I shall officially announce the new schedule for regular chapters: 9x per week!

Sun:1, Mon: (1+1), Tue:1, Wed:2, Thurs: 1, Friday:2!

Hmmm, that'll have to do for now; I'll be kinda held up these next two weeks.

After that though...an ORD special might be in order?


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End of Month