HSSB Chapters 54, 55

Making a quick post from my phone in camp!

I can tell you, it sux to be here; the environment is so stifling that it takes twice the time to get a chapter out than usual...But, enough of that.

So you wondered why Zhao Yuan's eyes lit up? Remember when Yan Zhaoge said that Zhao Hao was stupid? Well, that was because he knew an easy way he could exploit that personality of his. Just check out that cool metaphor that he uses later on...Anyway, nice one, author.

So, with this double release, we're all set for tomorrow, the eve of CNY, as well as the last day of this month's, Chapter 60! Final chapterless weekend! Ooo... Right, please get the final chapter of the month sponsored; let's end this month on a good note!

Alrighty, let meh try at getting the links up the dumb way. It's worth a try at least!

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Oh, and got to thank our resident Priest for helping meh post meh links on Tuesday. And later on too, if the need arises.


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