HSSB Chapters 52, 53

Hey guys, here's a double release!

Today I went to NUH(um, a hospital) to get the stitches in my mouth removed(aw, 8th and final day of MC already; never mind, getting the other side done next month, ha), so on the train there, I translated some on my phone; while sitting there waiting for the dentist, I also translated some on my phone; while on the return train journey home, I translated yet more of Chapter 52 on my phone(Hopefully I didn't Zombe-knock too many people down then). Added to some of it that I did on my phone before sleeping yesterday(wasn't home anyway), and the lil' portion that still remained, I finished Chapter 52!

Okay, I'll make it fast...so I reached home in the mid-afternoon and finished the next chapter as well, and after a bit of packing and throwing away stuff, I'm posting both now.

Actually, I'm doing this double because of CNY. There'll be something special coming up then...hehe. Just that y'all are not allowed to know beforehand, so, remain ignorant, please. Um, receiving some donations would be nice, though.

Okay, now back to the story. I'll post the links up first before the pitchforks come a-hurling.

Chapter 52: I also have a bad temper

Chapter 53: The Expert Reborn

Done. Now I'll talk about dem chapters.

Okay, so first there was this Universe's MC, Ye Jing. Now we've a reincarnated MC wannabe, Zhao Hao (think Yun Che, ATG). This guy is crazy arrogant, just like that Yun Che, anyway. The kind of MC that I wouldn't like, actually; I'd read the story just for the sake of watching people get owned, no surprises, no nothing, only expected feels. Let's look at our cool, smart Author's MC, Yan Zhaoge, now. He's a smart person. He does things while thinking about their consequences. He's cool. He's not overpowered...Hmmm, since I've never had the opportunity before, I'll just set down my thoughts on this novel. As the one who translates it, I should really say what I feel about it, no? Note: Personal opinion only.

Thinking about Yan Zhaoge, isn't he somewhat similar to Jiang Chen from SOTR(son of some sort of Heavenly Emperor who got reincarnated and has to slowly build up a cultivation from scratch, whilst dealing with cool artifacts and items and martial skills and opponents just believably stronger to the right extent, as well as navigating the political world with his OP tongue gifted so nicely by the author(YZG doesn't have that, does he; but what comes out as content is great as well) rather than just dumbly going around stomping on whoever he just happens not to like on that day and building random harems?)? I have to say, when the SOTR translation were at 100+ chapters, I just lost it and spend a month reading the few thousand over chapters of raws in one go...

Okay, I admit that I read ATG raws ahead sometimes last time when I was really free, but it was like meh. It's like, since it's there, I'm just gonna read it, I'm not gonna lose anything from it, you know? It's not like it's not entertaining or anything; just not THAT kind of entertaining.

Back to HSSB and its plot. The author thinks: Hey, we don't have THAT kind of MC yet. So he introduces one, and chooses a method of competition for them because by logic, they live in different Regions and probably shouldn't be encountering each other much, right? So now, they're talking, and Yan Zhaoge thinks that this Zhao Hao dude is an imbecile(well, something like that). At the very least, his utter predictability is something, I guess? If he wants to put it that way and use his personality against him, I guess that rolls.

See, here's a line from Chapter 53: 'But, having been able to walk to such heights, he shouldn’t be such a stupid person, right?' Lol, isn't this like talking about many MCs of so-called 'brainless' novels everywhere this author is sorta slaughtering? And in doing so, he manages to first demonstrate the coolness of that MC wannabe, before showing off Yan Zhaoge's coolness that is a tier higher! What's that equivalent to? Double epicness! And he still remembers to add humour to the story, and he does the unexpected(troll alert), and he keeps you not knowing where the plot will go next, and pleasantly refreshed. He's a cool author.

So, this is HSSB. This is a novel whose raws I would want to read to the end in one go, but can't because I'm translating it and also because it's still incomplete at 900+ chapters. But...hey, we do what we can. I'm returning to camp tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure my schedule will be much looser next month other than some sort of Parade Week(6-10) whereupon we'll be practising prancing around a parade ground in some fanciful-looking stuff till the day itself, so the update will definitely be coming. Also, I'm looking to getting an editor soon so that I won't have to go do those minor re-structuring paragraph stuff whilst doing translation so that it won't be dragging me down meh speed with meh feeling like half of the translators on volare are twice as fast as meh in translating...

...Enough said; with that, look forward to CNY, even those of you who don't celebrate it! And stay tuned for what'll be coming tomorrow as well!

The road is long and arduous, but this one shalt achieve the dao.