HSSB Chapters 499, 500 Y!

And so we reach it!

Chapter 499: The lawless Yan Zhaoge!

Chapter 500: Martial Saint legacy site!!!

Yeah! This feels great, I think!

So, a short summary?

This is getting old already, but I did my 1st on 1st Jan and posted on 2nd and so it's been 8 months and 20 days.

Transited from army camp all the way to university, where it's been way too easy thus far...maybe.

Some crazy forces of mehness attacked in the process, but they haven't been showing their face around recently.

Was forced into shifting somewhere along the way, and got hit by a debilitating neck injury, but...got through it anyhow.

Things are all meh but good meh. I've been cultivating, and maybe I'll go write a book on the Mehdao after the semester ends...

Whatever. Mehthinks theres not mehny mehthings to say but mehwill just go mehly on till mehss release on mehbirthday. Meh!

In the meantime, this volume!

From here, till chapter 600 I think I can safely say, things will just be super great!!!!!!

See how's Yan Zhaoge been acting the past few chapters? Got a sense from it from 'Great Demon King Yan Zhaoge'?

And see the title of chapter 500 here? .........

All I'll say is that here is ultimate Yan Zhaoge! Give it one more week, and after that...you can see things really going crazy.

It's like one can even get sucked in by the flow and go crazy reading. Well, maybe not.

Anyway, 500 chapters have passed! Next 100 chapters are crazy! After that will be a whole new world! New possibilities await!

With everything that happened before, Yan Zhaoge was basically still at a real, real disadvantage due to his age. Yeah, you can't call him a weakling. Just look at those at the same cultivation level, even stage. But...set him against the peak experts of his world and he'd just be someone influencing global events by reaching out super greatly over his level. Overall, he can't exactly go around doing whatever he want. He's limited, in that sense.

Now, Yan Zhaoge is still an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster. But sooner or later...Yeah, he will still be influencing things above his level when things come to be that way, but he will be much, much more equipped.

Meh be ranting...

Meh stop ranting.

Chapter 500, yay!!!

And more importantly, super much more fun is right around the corner.

Stay tuned!



Chapter 500, whew