HSSB Chapters 43, 44

Dear all,

Double release!

Here's the chapter as promised, and here's an additional chapter!

My first ever sponsored chapter!!! Thank you, CY and Daniel P!

In Chapter 44, the new moves of some old enemies will be unleashed!

Watch how domineering their power is!

And then, what will happen...will unfold tomorrow!

See you then!


PS. Not being a masochist, it was somewhat alarming to have people poking inside my mouth, and I couldn't help but remain tensed for most of the time. Still, meh. It's an 8-day MC, slowly dwindling down my remaining army days(it was necessary; anyway, almost every single person in my unit does that, so it's fine)! And I've even managed to somehow eat a curry puff after the whole thing as well. Hooray for curry puffs! Long live curry puffs! Yay!