HSSB Chapters 413, 414+(End of Month 7)

Meh. Meh, Meh?

Yeah, it's been a while.

But anyhow, this is the end of this month's EOM chapters spanning four days long(and 14 chapters)!

Chapter 413: Yan Zhaoge's new weapon

Chapter 414: um, click it

Teaser: Well, there's a reason it's good to end the month on this chapter

The chapters here end right as Yan Zhaoge's party is about to enter the Marsh of Illusory Sea!

It's also exactly where they would have been at this time without the Mehgaimplosion; I'd originally intended for a meh'ss release as with 200-214. But meh.

Yan Zhaoge will soon be entering another world! And he'll probably leave behind a legend...

Meanwhile, for this Meh, uni starts in 2 weeks, and orientation in 1. Wait...it does?! Hey, it really is so! Wowwwwww! Hmm...

Anyway, I'll basically be keeping to the 5chaps/3days thing (not including EOM) for now. I remember that back in June, I TL-ed really quite a lot of extras, having more than a LVL 1 stockpile, which is now down to... LVL 0, ha. Anyway, as compared to that, this should be a cinch, right?

Stuff is going on with forces of mehness and whatnot, but this Meh cares not. It's too meh a thing for meh to be meh-ing away meh brain energies on. Meh will just randomly do whatever Meh wants and all the chapters that Meh feels like doing will be mehnifesting themselves by means of mehself.

In the meantime, this otherworld arc is an exceptionally crazy one (no, it doesn't span the entire volume, far from it). Enjoy it. It's set to be completed within the month. Yeah! I know I liked it.

Hmmm, anything else? I guess not.

Therefore, just...

Wishing you a happy, fulfilled and in-no-way-meh-at-all month ahead.


End of Month 7,