HSSB Chapters 38, 39+Update


Here's Chapters 38 and 39, as named by me:

Chapter 38: Ye Jing builds a harem

Chapter 39: Yan Zhaoge wrecks a harem

How's that, huh.

Now, for a status update.

Hey, have you realised? At the start of this year, just when I joined volare, the number of chapters released for HSSB was...20.

With the weekend chapter from hazlexnut, the HSSB chapters here will have, literally, doubled!

Also, after some bone-piercing effort on my part, the previous terms not having had much TLC, I've also edited the first 20 chapters for consistencies and enhanced readability(slightly less for the first few), somewhat sufficiently(I'll look it over a bit more after my sanity's been rested) to improve the quality of the translation as a whole. Sorry for any confusion you might have suffered along the way (I'll get around to making those whatever TL notes and teaser stuff eventually)!

With that, I proclaim HSSB officially on track!

Okay, as for my weekly schedule...Anyone realised that the official number of promised regular chapters for HSSB, these first two starting-off weeks aside, is only at a 'measly'? 4x? Well, probably.

Anyway, that's obviously not going to cut it, because at this point, I'm reasonably sure that daily releases on weekdays shouldn't be too much of a problem for me at all. Perhaps throwing in a double or so when the plot calls for it...

So! I'll have to update the 'wkregchapno' or whatever you call it, to about 6x, I think, for now before my NS finishes.

But hey! Guess what! There's this thing called sponsored chapters! (Okay, obviously I knew that.)

Anyway, just throw in a lil' bit of support, and, next month, who knows, we might just look back and think: wow, HSSB tripled within a month!

This way; I'll probably not be forced to find a 'real', part-time job to upkeep myself in the half-year or so of NEET-time I have before enrolling in my uni course, thus wrecking my translating(All hail full-time translators!)...Thought here, maybe I could gather a bit and actually stay myself on campus grounds, then continue translating at unwrecked speeds...hmmm...

Welp, I guess maybe I wrote too much as usual? Ahm, I'll make sure to keep it toned down whenever possible...

So, tldr; just wanted to say that it's been great translating for you guys! Looking at the comment section really is enlivening, and one of these days when I've got the time I'll probably go check out how it's supposed to work which I probably am supposed to know but don't really just because I'm me. Anyway, thanks for reading! I'll make sure to keep up the good (!!!!) work; and let's get this done within maybe a little more than a year; and we can all go have fun with a new novel together. In the meantime, enjoy this work, and let's aim for 60!


See you next week,