HSSB Chapters 31, 32, 33

Hey guys! Let's kick off the start of Week 2 with a triple release!

With Hazlexnut's weekend chapter, as well as my double(how could I have known that my translation would progress so smoothly today), that makes it 3 chapters for today.

Having been boosted by my slacking, the second week of my translating life will also come with somewhat more chapters being released!

1st up: The New and Old Hegemons (it heightens)

Up next: Mr Dong and the Sacred Sun God(the conflict escalates)

Finally...Slapping his own face(ohhhhhh)

There, links. Not having a computer to post with only happens occasionally, yeah?

Now hurry up and go watch an antagonist get owned; the next chapter'll come in perhaps another 17 hours or so, maybe?

Get to it already.