HSSB Chapters 29, 30

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For now, expect a chapter out over the weekend from your original translator here, hazlexbun, who's nicely helping to keep the pace of the novel up! Through unity comes pace, and through pace comes chapters! Let's see this through to the end, shall we?Expect more chapters from me next week, though I suppose playing hardcore mode would be too destructive to both my mental and physical faculties. But never fear! The other novels I'll be catching up on as well as comments from you guys will never fail to reinvigorate me(well, I'm actually a pure leecher who's never posted before though; sorry, haha)!

With that, here are the chapter links for 29 and 30, posted in my primordial technological caveman style because I'm stuck in camp and can't do all those(to me) high level stuff.



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Chapter 29

Chapter 30