HSSB Chapters 286, 287+Monthly EoM

Hi, all!

It's time for our monthly edition of : End of Month chapters!

This month, we have Chapters 286 and Chapter 287 coming up.

Their titles are, respectively:

Amongst Martial Grandmasters, I’m invincible!

as well as:

All stay behind for me!

Domineering, no?

As with our monthly End of Month chapter editions, we hereby progress to a good spot.

The stopping point for this month is:

Before things turn bad!!!
Yes, exactly as its name suggests.

Also, the epilogue of this monthly EoM edition reveals a projection for the months ahead!

In at most a week, the Chapter 300 bottleneck shall be breached!!

Following that, we will be rushing towards the LVL 4 bottleneck for the month of July!!!

And there is naught to be feared for what lies after for the potential uni-obstacle, for this Meh has achieved a LVL 1 stockpile this month. Suffice to say, it is a structure that can hold for a period of time. And it shall still be worked on too.

And thus the sandglass turns, the counter resets!

Amidst all and any mehness...

Amidst all support, onward we go!


End of Month 5