HSSB Chapters 25, 26



He was shut down by a two hour blackout.

He was bitten up after encountering a fight between two random, rampaging dogs.

He was not going to let it interfere with his noble cause...

The heavens decree, Mehxistence defies!

You hit me with a double whammy; Dual-inverted Amassed Sdrow, release!


The Heavens roiled, a long gash spanning two kilometres wide appearing as the skies themselves were torn apart, temporarily revealing the ghastly Necropolis of Scripture-Beasts that lay beneath.

The Heavens roared and rumbled, as the gashes were sealed up once more and the sky returned to its former calm, but the damage had already been done nonetheless.

From the distant sky, two dark, blurry shadows were descending, encroaching slowly but surely on the land beneath.

They grew wider...

And wider...

The mortal inhabitants of the territory watched with bated breath, as they stared up in innocent wonder.

And then they rejoiced, as they saw.

What greeted the invading armies were...

The 25th Sword-Style: Counterattack!

The 26th Finishing Move: Final Verdict!

"Even if I'm half-dead, even if I'm doomed to be struck by the diabolical Reformatting Art several times over, nothing can stop me!"


They're out.



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*Having vanquished his foes, the bloodied Mehxistence gets back up onto his horse, surveying the vast battlefield full of fallen enemies.

"I will live to see another day. Your defeat is predestined, Heavens! Now that I have smote your Heavenly Soldiers and Generals; you shall never again live to surpass the immortal me!" *

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