HSSB Chapters 229, 230 (End of Month+Bonus)

It's the end of April!

Four months.

A third of a year.


Here's the 50th or 64th chapter of the month: Chapter 229!

Here's the bonus chapter to end it in a nice place: Chapter 230!

And as I'd been saying earlier, it's time for the sponsored bar to (at least temporarily) make a reappearance!


More chapters. Can't always have random meh'ss releases anyhow.

And speaking of more chapters, there's this event on volare's main page whereby there might be bonus HSSB chapters. Yeah, I know. Did up the options myself. Bonus chapters? Sure thing, I guess. How many? Hmmm, I wonder...

Ya know, after a couple more chapters, the next HSSB arc's gonna be truly epic!!!! Well, I wasn't intentionally reading ahead, but I ended up reading to the end of this volume 3 (ends at 306). And wow. Too epic. Just straight on epicness all the way, really soon.

Huh? Might we reach Chapter 300 next month? Uh, that doesn't depend on me at all. That totally depends on the readers. Yeah, totally. Ahem.

This Mehxistence has seen great gains on the Grand Dao of Translation, with the time this Meh now takes to translate a single chapter greatly reduced from when he first started out 120 days ago. Reduced, greatly.

As time passes, the Mehdao only flourishes.

As shall the combating of all mehness in this world.

Mehness can only be fought with mehness, yet it is precisely that it is meant for the mehness of all to triumph over the mehness of this world, eliminating the mehdenning mehness that mehny a times mehses our lives up. As always, the ultimate goal of the great Mehdao would be its end in itself.

In the end, all mehness must return to the great Mehdao, and only supremity shall rule.

So it is destined.


End of Month 4,