HSSB Chapters 196, 197+End of Volume 2!


Here's Chapter 196: Expressing admiration!

Here's Chapter 197: Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord!

With this, I hereby announce the end of Volume 2, of the same name:

<<Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord>>!!


Tomorrow begins Volume 3: <<The Face of a Hero>>!!!

I have Scanned the future chapter titles, and I can say that...more epicness incoming! Goooo Yan Zhaoge!

You know, HSSB feels rather unique to me, really. Even the would-be MCs aside.

In usual cultivation novels, isn't what normally happens that this MC starts off in the most backwater of backwaters, then slowly climbs his way up, progressing from lower power to higher power as many of the characters are pretty much thrown away?

Well, at least that feels generally true from my experience(And don't get me wrong, I do like some of those). Meanwhile, HSSB actually has this cool global situation thing going on, with Sacred Grounds and alliances, some balance of power thing going on. Events that happen in the story are all centered around this overarching plot, of the conflicts between Sacred Grounds in the Eight Extremities World, and this begins not later on, but right in Volume 1, with the Sealing Dragon Abyss!

Meanwhile, there are also the book's 'speciality', the would-be MCs. So far, the 100% confirmed ones are Ye Jing, Zhao Hao and Lin Zhou. And the first 2 died. Yeah, it's true that the first two were pretty much useless and basically asking for it. Ye Jing went crazy and started killing people. Or something like that. Meanwhile, that Zhao Hao, thinking that he could kill a weakened Yan Zhaoge, actually tried to kill him! Well, he probably thought he was going to win rather than actually 'courting death'. Still, I wonder...maybe Yan Zhaoge would have spared him otherwise? Terrible MCs! Only salvageable through plot armour!

Well, of course Lin Zhou's next appearances won't see him doing something really dumb that gets him on the hit list in the next volume. That wouldn't make realistic sense at all. Instead, like always, the next volume will see the global situation of the Eight Extremities World play out.

Anything else? Any other, really great points about HSSB?


His steed is a panda!


And stuff like that.

Back from the story, and now to the translation.

We'll be reaching Chapter 200 in 2 days!

And would there be anything special for that?

I have communed with the Mehdao.

And as the Mehdao Decrees, This Meh shall Dispense.

Chapter 200 shall see a...

For the first time in HSSB TL history, there shall be a...

M E H ' S S    R E L E A S E ! ! !

Coming right up on Thursday!

Let's rush right into Volume 3!


Also, also.

For meh, university begins in just a bit over 3 months.

Yeah, I'll be limiting the release rate to 50/m then(at least for a while), because the Mehflow shall not cease.

But just for now, why can't it be increased?!

Together with hazlexnut(1 per week), I've just worked out a system where stockpiling can be started. Basically, rather than releasing his chapter directly after he does it, I can leave gaps of chapters later on for him to fill up.

Hence shall see a temporary resumption of sponsored chapters!!

Now, I still have to prepare for the Meh'ss release and some other stuff, made possible along with being able to stockpile stuff. It may be crazy for a while. So, mehbe I'll only start it next month.


Oh, of course only Chapter 200 of that day will add to the monthly chapter count. As per the Mehdao, this Meh proclaims the rest, those mehny chapters, to be, free.

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That's all for now, what's left is only...


Await the Meh'ss release!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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