HSSB Chapters 176, 177

11, 12th!

Last chapter, Yan Zhaoge's giant panda Pan-Pan received a new wolfskin cushion.

Now here comes the so-called Strongest beneath Heavenly Connection, wanting to take revenge. But Yan Zhaoge is in a rather savage mood today.

If you want to make a move, just shut up and do it already!

And so they fight. And Xie Ziyi unleashes a killing move. But...

You do a 2-combo? I'll do a 3-combo!

(both edited by shippotle)

Yan Zhaoge is merciless!

And so, his standing rises once more!


Countdown to attack of Decimating Abyss:

2 Days.

Countdown to end of Book 2:

20 Chapters!

Expect some further, major changes along with the announcement!


(And so this terrible day comes to an end...






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