HSSB Chapters 164, 165 (Bonus!) + End of Month 3

It's the last day of March!

And here's 2 bonus chapters for you guys! Yay!

In these 2 chapters...hey, isn't this just the perfect place to end the month?

History's Strongest Senior Brother.

This Mehxistence speculates that as the novel progresses, all those who call Yan Zhaoge Junior Brother Yan will start calling him Senior Brother Yan, as the number of existences thinking they possess the qualifications of seniority decide that no, the horror, they do not actually mean to be marking themselves as superior in such a manner...The Strongest Senior Brother is one whom no one EVER calls a Junior Brother. Or Nephew. Basically, anything but.


Here's Chapter 164, Chapter 165 (edited by shippotlex2!)!


And with that, it's been 3 months already.

And the ride's been fun! Despite days like today when I got crazily stumped so bad by a chapter for the first time in a while.

Ah, right.

For all of those new to the party, I translated my first HSSB Chapter on 1st January this year, and released it the day after. New translator, yeah?

And for all of those ignorant of the fact, HSSB is also translated once a week(generally released on mondays) by hazlexnut who got HSSB on volare and thereby somehow enabled this existence to be able to TL it. Otherwise, I've no idea where I'd be now. So credit to him. And credit to shippotle too, who started editing HSSB from chapter 140 onwards. For before that, close to 120++ of the chapters were edited by yours truly. And wracking brains over small details makes chapters take like 30% longer to finish, for this Mehxistence.

Yup, and now for the 'more chapters' thing. Basically, HSSB is released 50 chapters per month, you know? Keeping in mind the purpose of being able to maintain consistency following this Meh entering uni and all, while also not letting this novel take too long to finish translating(1000+ chapters now already huh.). Meanwhile sponsored chapters are also...not really possible if I ever want to get a good mini-stockpile up because I have to account for hazlexnut's chapters (rather than just pop him up one some chapters ahead out of the blue).

Anyway, why exactly 50? Because I thought that 50 is a nice number. Lol. But. Thinking about it, isn't it that I want to TL 50 chapters per month, rather than TL 46 and TLC 4/5? With that in mind, which conveniently manages to bypass my translating moral bottom line, and in order to try to achieve some semblance of self-sufficiency(sigh, x lessons cost so much, y lessons cost so much, z lessons also cost so much, wow...) so that I won't have to suffer my mother nagging at me to go get a part-time job or whatever, a Patreon goal is incoming.

Kay, basically, I'd go translate 50 chapters a month personally, and that'd make for 54/55 chapters a month depending on how many Mondays the calendar see fits to give you. And for that, I'll just randomly throw out a goal of 3 patrons per chapter for a (grand?) total of 150 because...I used to like the number 3? I have yet to decide whether I still like it though...much brain-wracking there.

Here it is, Patreon. There's some really awesome people who've donated a little without having a proper goal already, so we're...already perhaps 15% of the way there.

Yuppp. And with that, I have something else besides 50 chapters for patrons to look forward to, at least? This way, I can finally be guilt-free over not having any other rewards on Patreon, muahahahahaaaaaa!

Um, that was a joke, right...I'll try to think of something. This does buy me some time, surely! And meanwhile, like shippotle, I actually exist on Discord as well. Hmmm...wait, I take that back. Because this Meh is meh.

Oh well, if there's anything interesting, or a HSSB chat channel actually starts on volare, mehhhhhbe this Mehxistence could devote part of meh mehgre mehxistence there.

For now, it's the end of the month, and tomorrow is the start of April!

Let's have a fun HSSB month together!


End of Month 3