HSSB Chapters 124, 125

11th, 12th!

Waa! Fight chapters today! We get introduced someone at least on Lu Wen's level today, this 'Little Mountain Lord' Ji Hanru who's actually an early Xiantian Martial Scholar. And so...

Surpass levels!

The sad little boy will have to wait for some time. Wait, clue, clue! Here's a hint then: Why did those Iron Yuan dudes get so worked up? Hmmm, I wonder. I wonder.

And from the teaser, it seems like there'll still be yet more face beating coming tomorrow! Ha!

Chapter 124: When discussions fail, fight!

Chapter 125: Attack, can’t break through; Defence, can’t hold through!


Ohoho, I like these chapter titles just the way they are...

Meh, my today literally got the first half wasted away.

But somehow, I actually find myself to be efficient somewhat! Wow!

Tomorrow, will be something like determining my future place of residence as well...hah.

Okay, back to TL-ing a little.



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