HSSB Chapters 122, 123

9th, 10th!

Dang, that violent whatever-rated killing people left and right movie was really meh. Totally full of holes. Both literally and figuratively. Would be nice it was actually enjoyable alongside not bad. Mehhhhh...

Where's my TL-ing time gone...

Chapter 122: Cloud Portent Mountain (TLed by Hazlex, edited and TLC-ed by Meh)

Chapter 123: Asking for people at the door (Meh and Meh alone)

Hey, they just got to the mountain, and the fight's starting already? HSSB seriously leaps right into the action! Back-to-back fight chapters tomorrow!

And with that, I will have to be delayed accompanying a parent of a parent to a hospital tomorrow(oh, totally minor really), so it's meh-denningly sad how yet again my TL time will be taken away from me.

Sigh! I (probably) need an editor!

Oh well!

The Mehdao shalt provide;

The Mehdao rules supreme!




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