HSSB Chapters 118, 119

5th, 6th.


Yesterday, when I wanted to sleep, I took off meh spectacles and one side snapped off.


And the other side can't stay on by itself.  So I had to tie it up to be able to translate, in effect eye-patching myself. Wow.

I don't know how that happened, but it's totally meh. Especially with army allowance gone now too.

Sigh. I should probably go buy some new spectacles now. Please support Meh for spectacle money. (That a goal?) Ahhh...

Chapter 118: Yan Zhaoge given the cold shoulder?

Chapter 119: How to chase the leaders?

Mehxistence: How did this even happen to meh?!


Oh, I guess I should be happy that this totally random occurrence didn't happen in army. Next week will be fun!





Seeya...wait, I can't...

A half-blind Mehxistence