HSSB Chapters 1167, 1168 + ZOOM, POOF!

3000 words.

Chapter 1167: The battle that shook the World beyond Worlds

Chapter 1168: Central Kunlun, East Broad Creed

That's all that remains of Volume 11, that began at Chapter 1046. It also shares the same title as its final chapter.

At this point, bye.

Stuff has been going on beneath the surface, just that it has been slower than expected so it won't be until later that it surfaces. It is recent, and it is tangible, not imagination running wild.

For clarity's sake.

After 1 year of ZOOM, and another year and a month of nothing happening so everything's fine, today's the day this finally goes POOF!

Next, clarification.

Determinism is responsible for this, but also free will. A certain questionable entity holds indirect responsibility, the good guys(that's us)are doing our best, and more information should be revealed in the near future. Internet things really never happen on schedule.

You didn't get that.

Okay, no pitchfork.

To translate: We have to move on. Sometimes, the warrior has to cut their arm off to survive the battlefield, to secure their future.

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Amidst loss, let the end represent a new beginning. Look to the future.

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May all vacuums be filled and may those overtaken by negativity all deserve it.


Coughing and poorer but sorely determined, head raised, looking forward: BB.