HSSB Chapters 112, 113

2 more days to ORD!

Today, Meh only started TL-ing in the afternoon because i started on a JP web novel.

Hmmm, could say that it's because there's this army lunch tomorrow.

Meh will be the sad guy finishing quickly and stoning there reading novels. Meh.

But 2 days later, ORD, and, normalcy!

And regular schedule, as I've said before, will be revealed then. Hmmm.


Now, in HSSB today.

Ah Hu gets rewarded!

The plot heads to the Martial Repository and we meet a new character!

And, next chapter...something will happen. Yes, that's right. Something.

And back to reading ****** JP novel.

Hey, it's the last day of the month today, meh.

It's gotta be a rest day, not a hardcore mode day.


By a slacking Mehxistence