HSSB Chapters 110, 111

3 more days to ORD!

Qi Flow, Qi Flow, Qi Flow!

At the cinema, super long queue, 2 minutes left.

Pressed random touchscreen machine, and, poof! Two seats left!

Machine really struggled to eat notes but got in!

VR+Reality? Well, just put an Augmented into the R then. And there we can have a plot! Yeah!

Basically: AR=this inferior version of VR to be used before VR is invented. And supported by people who love technology who go all 'wow, I could!' as well as those who drone on about escapism and whatnot.

Whereas VR=a future alternative to delving into the worlds of novels for enjoyment+where we can go to sometimes when technology and progress decides to rid the world of jobs for good. Hmmm...

Whether intended or not, futuristic things were seen.

And, that's all for today.

Chapter 110 (Hazlexnut+TLCed)

Chapter 111 (Meh)


The end