HSSB Chapters 108, 109

4 more days to ORD!!

Today's chapters take a lighter mood as we take a small respite from action!

Similarly, may everyone have suitable respite from this weekend and return to the dreariness? of weekdays with a smile on their faces!

For Meh:

What is weekday?

...Can it be eaten?


No seriously. Meh had quite a totally dreary week last week. Apart from that go hospital Monday which was still quite fine, the rest of the week was totally wasted away with having to go random army places for totally not even a meh reason at all. Which means- still no stockpile! Ahahaha! Meh. But it's fine. This, week, WILL be the week. For Meh. For Ye. For everyone!

Let's get forward with a bit of optimism, everyone, and summon forth the qi flow of the heavens and the earth!

This week...first, Meh has to prepare for his Thursday announcement alongside elsethings. Meh also has to go watch SAO before its too late. Then...hopefully Meh will be able to pick up something fun to read. Becoming a translator, mehfound that Meh should be able to do so on NU. Meh'll probably go pick up something there. By the way, we're rather high there! Cool, yeah? For having been almost 2 months already, it must be great!...though I believe many people still don't know about HSSB. Or the translation project's foundation not too steady enough? Hmmm, long post'll be coming on Thursday; the initial phases will be officially over and I'll be guaranteeing some stuff.

Yup, guaranteeing. Like, Meh should be going overseas for ORD trip perhaps a week after ORD? but Meh will make sure to do mehchaps in advance. Meh shall not see the Mehflow cease!

Hmmm, more about that on Thursday in 'Mehdao and What is the meaning of Meh?". Stay tuned to [email protected] Um, by that I mean please do click on Thursday's post.

Now, here's today's light-hearted chapters!

Here's 108, 109, dem whose titles do not have to be mentioned!

Everyone, have fun reading!

And have a happy week ahead!