HSSB Chapters 104, 105

6 more days to ORD!

Today was a totally meh day for Meh. Meh wasted half a day on a wild goose chase for some stuff. But it's something totally boring and meh and nothing to talk about. Mehh.

Still, here're today's chapters!

Today, the Sacred Grounds as well as the Sacred Artifacts are introduced in greater detail, and we see things on a greater scale! Rather interesting, that!

As for tomorrow, I'll reveal that they'll be conclusion chapters. The last chapters as the Eastern Tang arc finally concludes and we finally head back to Broad Creed Mountain after like what, almost a hundred chapters? Suffice to say that things will only be getting more interesting from now on!

The chapters'll probably be coming separately tomorrow. Due to certain reasons which I'll not be expanding on. Chapter reasons.


Last thing before I post the chapters. Hmmm...Ahem...(to be skipped by those who can't do English)


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Basically, Meh english bad. TNT be busy. Meh been doing 90% of chapters all on Mehown. Meh be wanting new editor. Those be able be willing to be Mehditor, please consider applying on volarewebsite-recruitmentpage-buttonthingy and specify HSSB Editor in mail.

Erm, what be Mehditor's job scope?

Mehditor edits Meh's chapter. Mehbe round 10/week.

One Meh chapter inside Mehditor be making sure of a little basic stuff here and there. Also, mehflow. Mehbe play around sentence a bit and change words to better if Meh's be weird.

Editing style...Cool, Cool, and Cool!!!

Mehelse is...Edit previous inconsistencies of Meh? Not be many. Be more of one time thing mehthinks.

Um, Mehditor mehbe better in more similar time period(less important)? Hmmm...

Mehditor helps to update glossary because Mehditor loves HSSB!!!

Then...Mehditor worships Meh. Wait, that not be one...that be...half...or quarter.

Meheditor's level of Meh is like Meh's level of Meh. That be right.

Meh be Meh but Meh be meh Meh! Mehness of Mehditor-same principle applies!

See. Meh ingrish be bad. Meh would like Mehditor please!

Meh also missaw stuff! Like World Illuminating Lord is head of Seven Reigning Suns but Meh actually translated Dawn Lord in Chapter 94 or somemehthing.

Aw...meh. Meh be ending rant because Meh not think of mehthings to say.

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Please completely ignore that earlier part if possible. That was another Meh talking; excuse that Meh!

Instead, having scrolled through breezily and without difficulty;

Here's today's chapters!

Chapter 104: Not singing the ploy of the Empty City

Chapter 105: Good people don’t live long, calamities endure a thousand years

Excuse the short teaser; it's because I don't want to move into the conclusion chapter already. Sometimes, haste makes waste.

Have fun!!!


(By an elegant Mehxistence with graceful English)