HSSB Chapter 818

Here's a chapter!

Chapter 818: Grand Clear direct lineage!

Yan Zhaoge has a chance meeting, and...

Not all powerful same gen experts are disreputable people...

By the way, the HSSB raws finished today at chapter 1836!

I've only read the first half of it, but just skipped to last couple of chapters to see what's up...

Anyway, gotta say things may be kinda compromised because of a certain shady, dubious entity.

Ahem, there are certain agents of mehness in this world whose mental states are strangely foreign.

Let's just leave it at that. Forget it if that didn't make sense.

At this point, the basic foundation in the (TL-ed) novel seems basically done! Crazy stuff to come!

Presently, the events of this very volume are very, especially things to look forward to indeed!

Let's just take things as they come, and watch Yan Zhaoge's legend take new heights!


Yay raws,