HSSB Chapter 72


7th chapter of the week! ORD Milestone Parade for me tomorrow! Will be wearing fancy uniform with (ideally) shiny boots, (hopefully) cool-looking headgear and some cool-feeling white gloves! Today was a full day of rehearsals, but, Mehxistence does not owe chapters! And from tomorrow onwards, Mehxistence will be freeeeeeeeee!

Well, teeth plucking will hopefully really be like watching a movie now. And then, 21 more days from now...

But 1 more day from now is enough! Await a special announcement from me here tomorrow! An ORD Special!

What kind of special? More chapters, duh. For how long? Till ORD, duh.

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Okay, now for today's chapter. Chapter 72: Something happens! (edited by TianTeahouse)

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Tomorrow, the plot kicks off with a bang!

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