HSSB Chapter 69


4th regular chapter of the week(under text)!

So today we woke up super early and spent the entire morning doing drills and marching about the entire place, all the way till early noon=0 translation done. However, I was able to emerge relatively unscathed!=I managed to keep my sanity despite that and not suffer any withdrawal symptoms! Therefore, as I started the post-teaser part of this chapter on my phone in the afternoon in between lunch and Lecture(aka Naptime), it couldn't be TNT-ed. Meh. Whatever. Yesterday was death. But today, I am revived! That's all that matters.

Hey, let me tell you the story of what happened yesterday, and why you should learn to be more like Yan Zhaoge, kay? Ok. So, as this Mehxistence was too meh to bring his uniform from his base camp to his parade camp, yesterday, this Mehxistence went there in his home clothes whilst everyone else was in the army uniform. Imagine being the total odd one out, spending an entire day in an army camp in civilian clothing. Lol. It's okay. ORD is chill.

So, why did nothing happen to Meh other than going to take back to camp at night to get a uniform? Well, hehe, low-key, low-key. Although you're completely superiorly(civilian=highest possible rank>>>>>>Chief of Army lol) outstanding, it helps that you stay low-key, because that way, you won't get any unwanted trouble. The way to do that? Act as natural as possible, of course! Just pretend that you're totally supposed to be there. Even if you greet afternoon instead of morning(happened) or even a superior by the wrong rank(happened too lol), even if they notice, don't get flustered. You're totally fine, whatever happens. Hiding's good and all, but trying to be inconspicuous enough sometimes just makes you more conspicuous instead. Be cool. Be Yan Zhaoge. Be conspicuous, cool, but low-key. Be Yan Zhaoge!!! Shine!

Lol. It was a first for Meh.

So, Chapter 69. Quite an interesting chapter, with some nice foreshadowing or something like that. Tomorrow will be a double, and the rest of the foundation will basically have been built up then, though the plot should probably only expand on Friday(surprises in store!) Hmmm. Actually, I myself also can't wait. But I guess I should just keep on reading at the same pace as the translation so that I won't get spoiled and can have the same pleasant translating experience. It's not just because Meh is kinda busy now...

Meh is not ranting.

Haha, Meh has the discretion to decide how low to post the links.






HSSB69: A rare opportunity


Heh. Oh, wait, low-key, low-key. Learn from Yan Zhaoge. Alright. Shall I restart?


Dear readers, happy reading. Here is your chapter for the day. Have a nice day and see you again tomorrow.

Nah. Just nah. Meh does whatever Meh wants, whenever Meh wants, wherever Meh wants.




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