HSSB Chapter 673 + Happy Anniversary, Milestone and Year!

Well, it's been a long time. Time is relative, but yeah, it's been a long time. And real feels writing a real post in a long while.

It was exactly a year ago on this very day that I heard of and started translating my first chapter of HSSB.

I thought hey, maybe I can do this, so I just randomly dropped an email, did a test chapter and poof. Chapter posted, project on.

Initially it took thrice as much time to do a chapter as it generally does now, and now its kinda no trouble at all. Many things happened in the process, such as me spraining my neck, getting forty degree fevers, breaking my specs, entering university, the forces of mehness and so on. The most important of all, though, is none other than the Mehdao, that which reigns over all.

Now, it is the fifth year since I had my first insights into the Mehdao. It is also the year where I am finally liberated of the restrictive oppression of mehness, able to see it as it is in its entirety and try to transcend it. And beyond mehness lies-simply Existence.

Does this sound serious? Is this gonna be a Mehrant? Well, those who know me well kinda know that I really especially hate being serious the most, not that that might be very evident, I suppose...I'll be truly serious for once and only and maybe never again on my own accord right now, though I'll simplify it in its entirety. An overall conclusion, definitely, I will hence depict here.

No, not dropping. Meh. Now on from simple content and serious language to serious content and simple language? If that's so.


Firstly, this chapter is entitled: Hence does Sainthood descend!

Yan Zhaoge officially enters the ranks of Martial Saints!!!

At long last...and soon all in the World beyond Worlds will know beyond the names of the Yan father and...not exactly read that far yet, actually. But yeah.

Next just some words about the Mehdao. The Mehdao is simply all human daos in this world manifested as possibility incarnate...

Okay, this world is just a meh place. For most people. And thus they are restricted as mehxistences. And stuff like that. And the Mehworld taints our heart with darkness known as mehness. And so mehness propagates and we all have to accept stark reality. And so people are unhappy, and so there are forces of mehness. And we all must navigate this. So we can't be very happy at all.

The Mehdao spans nine pages along with a conclusion page, consolidating my insights on the Mehdao over the past blablabla. How do we live in a world of mehness, this Mehworld? Despite everything, how do we be happy? How can we live, carefree and untainted amidst it all? As Zombe de Oracle said, the meaning of life is naught but to live. And so sticklers can just all go die...or something.

For the first half of December, I penned the Mehdao. Once I used to address myself as this Meh. But this Meh is an admission of inability to transcend mehness, of being caught, trapped, irrevocably oppressed and ultimately still unhappy somehow amidst this Mehworld. Mehness is the bane of all, to be transcended and to be discarded and to be brushed off like dirt off your clean robes.

After having comprehended the nature of the Mehdao in its entirety, no longer does the darkness of mehness enshackle me. Transcend Mehxistence, Achieve Existence. The former just flowed naturally into completion like Yan Zhaoge into Sainthood. The latter, meanwhile, is a different realm altogether, though not all that unachievable. One must simply seek it on one's own.

The reality of fiction is of the utmost, though not sole importance. Once I was shackled by the Mehdao, restrained into non-fiction, into non-plot, into non-exploration. The truth of the Mehdao can be liberating, but people who think too much about things and do so needlessly are all idiots...or just plain sad. Wisdom is accrued not by thinking and thinking a lot, but by seeing and knowing...

Anyway, back to the point. I spent the second half of December gradually working on world-building. Know the significance of the number ten? Just as the Mehdao spans nine pages, the tenth being grand completion; just as nine heavens exist in daoism that arose from the primordial chaos, the tenth being merely an ideal. The number ten signifies perfection, simplifies flawlessness. Hence I'm currently planning to start writing The Tenth Heaven (tentative) asap and get into a good rhythm for it. At long last.

There'll be no real effect on TL-ing here. Yan Zhaoge in HSSB is...freaking cool, I guess? and I started TL-ing another novel here after the forces of mehness-SWFM, which is pure feels but I think of more like an inspirational life thing. Though not endorsing everything the MC does. Got that started initially with the help of a friend, turned on throttle and finally got it on track, almost 200. Anyway, with uni seemingly turning out kinda effortless(though my results may disagree probably tomorrow), gonna have time.

I said it in an earlier post, by the way, though not very clearly. Advance chapters are meh, and no longer am I now this Meh. I had a Patreon page which I used to help meditate on the Mehdao, and it now has served its use...I probably should revamp it soon. In the meantime, support has always been appreciated, will always be appreciated. To the ends of mehness, to life and to all true...

They weren't necessary anyway. Will also stop counting chapters, but there will still be chapters, for the Mehdao shall provide.

Right, final things. This...entity feels like changing a name now. No longer needing to understand the nature of once-elusive mehness, now having seen through the Mehworld's miasma and found a path to be pursued...anyway, no longer an existence restricted by mehness. The form is existence, and nonexistence is the form...okay, this...admits that that was totally random.

Can't think of anything. That can wait.


Happy New Year, and here's to a great year ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a long year, and for me it's been a whole long but fun first year of translating!!!!!!!!

Let's have some New Year's resolutions to diminish mehness, propagating the highest good!!!!!!!

Okay, semi-serious mode.

Here's some stuff that can apply to all you guys. For private stuff, you can all just keep it to yourself or whatever.

Firstly: From this year forth, smile more!!!!!!!!!!! Smiling keeps you happy! If you smile, you will live longer. Seriously. Do it all the time when your mind gets stuck on something, even when you're lying down on your bed and its kinda random. You're not weird, really. You're just happy, and yay.

Secondly: ...Thought for a long time, but just same as above. For all humanity, does the world really need anything else?

Ahhhhh, ffeeeeling too serious.. Why? Because this is the first year I've had a new year resolution! Transcending mehness, seeing the light~

The world is Meh, but you don't call yourself this Meh! When you be calling yourself this Meh, you be surrendering to mehness!

Some people tell me that I'm crazy, some people tell me that I'm chunni.

But maybe I'm just high because everything's breezy~

Disclaimer: I don't know that weirdo up there. I would have written a poem. Okay, back to this Meh...I mean this...Being.

Amidst the eternal river of time, our lives are but a moment's ephemeral, transient spark, temporal beings of leaping flame.

We live to live in the moment eternally, irrationally and ignorantly, blazing, leisurely and carefree. And we do all we can, and we do responsibility when we have to, and we live, and others stick their head in the mud of the Mehworld looking for shiny tokens. Yoohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Okay, bye. And again, Happy New Year!!!!!


Cleansing Impurity, Returning to Simplicity

Mehxistence yesterday, hence Eudaimonia