HSSB Chapter 661 + End of Meh'ss Release!

End of Meh'ss release!

From Chapter 641 to Chapter 661!

End of birthday releases! Yay!!!!!!!

It was really crazy for this Meh...

Don't do stockpiles, so had to do everything in 5 days...

By the time you read this, this Meh will have begun vacation.

Chapters will resume perhaps a week later.

The Mehdao has been achieved, and it is time for Existence to be pursued.

This Meh started translating HSSB on 1st Jan of this year. It was the first time I had heard of HSSB.

This Meh established a Patreon account to consolidate insights on mehness, embarking on a schedule of 50 chapters per month after leaving NS to combat mehness and derive enlightenment from the great Mehdao.

It was a few months later that the forces of mehness attacked, leaving only ruin in their wake. Things seemed to be in jeopardy as once mighty islands tragically plummeted from the sky. A Mehgaimplosion occurred. Thus the Lord was forced to leave his town, temporarily seeking and establishing a new haven before returning to face the aftermath of mehness with his villagers come what may, to the very end...

Next this Meh begun studying in university, consolidating the Mehdao's foundation with newly acquired knowledge. For many have acquired insights into the Mehdao before in some way of other, in philosophies such as Daoism, existentialism. Yet still many were blinded by mehness, their attentions cruelly misdirected.

Now, yet more months have passed. The forces of mehness have been silent for a long time. Doubtless they lurk in the shadows, mehness having overtaken their minds, their very souls.

Yet there is no longer a thing to fear, for the Mehdao has been established.

Henceforth, there shall no longer be a schedule, for the Mehdao shall provide, and the Mehdao is in my heart.

All chapters will come when they will, and they will come the same for one and all. It is on the 1st anniversary of HSSB that this will begin, yet it is impossible for the release rate to be tainted by mehness.

Against mehness we endeavour, towards Existence we strive.

All hail the Mehdao,