HSSB Chapter 66

25 more days to ORD!!! It's gonna be (Milestone) Parade week for me, but the chapters will be coming out regardless! If this Mehxistence has anything to say about it.

TNT was really busy again this weekend, so. But, meh. There's always Meh, isn't there!

So the start of the week, on a Sunday this time!

Oh, yeah, I scanned through what's going to happen next, especially the titles, and...

You thought it was over?! You thought it would be over just like that, that the Sacred Sun Clan would flee with their tails behind their heads, that after some good ole YZG coolness, we would be reverting to a bit of conversation and wall texts and then all of that would just end with YZG(after having wrapped up whatever) and Feng Yunsheng returning to Broad Creed Mountain? No way!

The following few chapters will be a bit of foundation and foreshadowing, to build up what's already currently in place. And the later half of the week, hehe. From then on will be a longgggggg mass of PLOT, with lots of stuff happening! And it will.........

Of course I'm not gonna finish that sentence. Oh, and having to wait out that 'longgggggg mass of PLOT' is so not gonna happen, because.........

So not going to say.

So here's the chapter: Yan Zhaoge gets rich.

What, isn't my naming sense great?

Whatever. Meh. I don't have to ask what I already do know, now do I.

Double release coming tomorrow!