HSSB Chapter 63

Hey guys, here today's chapter, coming 'slightly' earlier than usual because I'll be heading to camp soon!

Hmmm, I'll keep it short. So don't skip over the entire post, heh.

HSSB63: No longer in the early outer aura stage

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In this chapter, Lin Yushao's death is mentioned. But Xiao Shen is brought out as an alibi. Hey, I told you the author won't waste times on pointless interrogations when they don't even have much basis already didn't I. Poor Yan Xu, his scheming totally all a waste of time when the allegation would be so easily overturned. So, what will be revealed will be how cool Yan Zhaoge will act, how much of a show-off he will be.

Take a look at this teaser title: Actions always speak louder than words

Simply flashing the Radiant Sun Wheel like he did with the Zhaos? No way. Like I said. The fight chapters are not yet over.

Fight. Chapters. Tomorrow.

Stay tuned!