HSSB Chapter 56+Happy CNY!

Hey all, (slightly early) Happy Red Chinese New Year!


In Singapore, we say: Gongxi Facai, Hongbao Nalai!

Loosely translated, it means: Congratulations, Prosper; Red packets, Hand over!

May everyone prosper in the new Chinese year ahead!

Now, does everyone know that everywhere during CNY is red? Well, if you don't, you do now.

Ignoring Google, Wiki and whatnot, let me offer you my own interpretation of this, the one that I find to be the most logical having arrived at through deduction alone.

During each year, we toil hard, pouring out blood, sweat and tears into what we do. At the end of each year, we let out all that old, polluted, dirty, sad blood in the form of the red banners, lanterns, posters, red packets and whatnot that we see everywhere! And so our lives are renewed for the next year, as we get rid of all the burdens and troubles that were bearing down on us, and receive a new lease of life from others in the form of red packets, symbolising the renewal of life as the old entrust to the young all their former experiences and the fruit of that labour, wishing them the best in their days ahead, with the hope that they will prosper; that the very same nation that they worked for will also prosper!

With that, slightly older people, let out all your bad blood as you would, and enter the new Chinese year ahead refreshed, with renewed efforts!

Slightly younger people, may you all roll in a boundless sea of fabulous red, and spend all of that money wisely(eg:HSSB~XD) with the experience brought to you by the older generation!

By the way, y'all non-Chinese dudes: come on, you read Chinese novels; you're practically honorary Chinese already!

From Zombe de Oracle, I quote, 'There is the real, and there is the illusory. What we think to be real, may in fact be most terribly real. Relax, and let go of all that troubles you. Go back to the root of things. What things are there that you find the most important, that you enjoy, that you wouldn't give up above all else? What is it that you do because you have always been doing, yet, in doing, come to lose out in what is truly significant? The fundamental questions themselves are infallible; as long as one has the will and the resolve, one can truly live: a life of happiness, a life without regret. In this world where the illusory is all too prevalent; only the truth about ourselves can liberate us.'

Finally, I'll leave you with this:

A boundless sea of crimson blood, the unavoidable troubles plaguing our frail entirety;

The unflagging efforts of relentless humanity, hail the infinite heavens of grand prosperity.


May you have a Happy, Fun, Untroubled, Terrific New Year ahead!!!