HSSB Chapter 514

Last chapter of the month!

Here's Chapter 514: The youngest Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster!


This is Yan Zhaoge's power-up that comes before his next power-up and the next next one and the next next next one......

The prelude to a rampage?

Hmmm, perhaps.

The next month calls for several exciting end of month chapters, by the way, before even more exciting stuff happen.

Meanwhile, more than half my semester is over and I have no classes next week.

Last half-sem was...effortless. With that in mind, I want to keep things like that so that there can be more chapters/relaxation.

Well...I ended up finishing some November homework rather than an October one just now, but...I'll strive to get stuff done...

Okay, here's to slacking + doing stuff both efficiently and well and getting those couple of EOM chapters out new month. Yay!


End of Month 9