HSSB Chapter 486 (End of Volume 5)

Oh. Volume 5's ended!

With this chapter, Obtaining the Extreme Yang Seal!

It's a Sacred Artifact, by the way.

Huh, so I thought all of a sudden: Hey, when's this volume ending?

And it turned out that it was precisely this next chapter with which it ends.

End of Volume 5: <<Great Rider of Dragons>>!

Next will be beginning Volume 6: <<One Hand Raising The Heavens>>!

It's a really significant and satisfying volume, that's for sure.

It's like...where one major section of the entire novel ends.

But no spoilers, huh.

Oh. Mehsays we gonna be reaching 500 come (next) Friday. Yay.

Yeah, it's been like 9 months already and finally. Yay.

Meh wonders if meh should do something about it. Hah!


Next volume will be fun, so get ready!!!!!!!

End of Volume 5