HSSB Chapter 45


This chapter felt so epic that I couldn't help but linger and translate it super slowly.

Without further ado, I present to you(as named by me first): One punch!

The real name of the chapter is actually 'Like a father beating his son!', but, I'll lead with a more epic one first.

Okay, so Yan Zhaoge has now warmed up. One smaller big fry down, one bigger big fry to go! Trying to kill our YZG? Ha! His fate will be unveiled over the course of the next two chapters!

Most fun chapter I've translated to date(I know, it's one of not many, but, still...), yeah!

Oh, right, there's something else. After checking with Hazlexnut, I've confirmed that there is no such thing as a Martial God in the Eight Extremities World's cultivation system. Well, at least not yet. Apparently, someone switched from Martial God to Martial Saint previously and didn't bother to make everything properly consistent, ending up in the glossary having M.Saint as the realm above M.God when there was actually only a single realm above the Martial Grandmaster realm that had appeared within the story, the Martial Saint realm. Still, this is really minor and probably won't affect much; ahm, I know that I was wrongly led into calling the SSClan's Founder's puppet as the Sacred Sun God because of that, and so I've gone back to change it to the Sacred Sun Saint now. That's all! As for what's above Martial Saint, well, I don't know too; hey, I only learnt of this novel this month, lolz!

I did end up translating it though, and I do love it. And I hope you guys all love it too!

Sorry for walls of text; I'm just long-winded and don't think before I type or just don't like using anything remotely Singlish (broken sentences at least?) while writing(when not typing rubbish back and forth with fellow countrymen), maybe. Hey wait, no, I think it's just me liking to get things across clearly. ...

Meh. Here's to some guys getting their asses kicked!