HSSB Chapter 306+ End of Volume 3


East Rising leaves seclusion, the Sacred Sun Clan advances North!

The attack commences.

This is the last chapter of Volume 3, titled: The Face of A Hero!

And so.

From the next chapter on will be Volume 4, titled: Rampaging Over Ten Thousand Li!

It goes till like Chapter 395, ETA sometimes next month.

What can be expected over the next volume?

Hmmm...As still a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, Yan Zhaoge is still like two major stages away from truly freely rampaging about the Eight Extremities World as he would like. Here, Yan Zhaoge will still be participating in affairs that actually surpass his own absolute level, performing beyond what would normally be possible for someone of his cultivation base and further cementing the position of Broad Creed Mountain and its allies against their enemies.

And the major event that comes to pass before the end of Volume 4...it is truly a crazy one. As compared to this major tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain that has still yet to completely pass, I myself don't feel that it is any less great at all. As with before, the significance of all the major players doesn't diminish here. Even with his great power of miracles, Yan Zhaoge alone isn't omnipotent in the Eight Extremities World...yet, at least.

Hah, now we're 1/4 of the way through the current raws. That's something, right? Projecting slightly more, the main players like Yan Di, Ah Hu...hell, even BCM itself should persist as the story proceeds, even into higher worlds. The story truly dominates in this aspect.

As for now, enjoy the start of Volume 4, beginning tomorrow! I know I did, hah. Satisfaction level, max.

Oh yeah, bonus chapters. No meh'ss release this time, at least there's no good place for it, but projected couple of bonus chapters after the tribulation of Broad Creed Mountain has been concluded. Which is...not just that many days later, actually.

It's the end of Volume 3, yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding authorisations and whatnot, really, they'll probably have to be thought about and dealt with somehow, but, meanwhile...

This novel is cool.

Really now, let's have some fun with this.


End of Volume 4