HSSB Chapter 303


Here's Chapter 303: You want eternal life, I grant you eternal slumber

Decimating Abyss, hah!

By the way.

Yeah, this Meh is back in operation!

Woke up early to a blank unoperatable computer screen, and a laptop which went boom.

Laptop's probably confirmed dead, but eventually managed to confirm the computer problem. Had to buy a new monitor though...

Good news is, I didn't lose literally a whole week's worth of chapters! Yayyyy!

In other news, I invaded my friend's house and appropriated his laptop for translation purposes and converted him to a slavegot him to become a translator. So I'll be translating something with him. That is not HSSB. That will not affect my translating HSSB.

Therefore, it was all a profound scheme of the great Mehdao. None was lost (except meh money...), and instead noticeable gains were made this very day!


Anyway, 1 chapter tomorrow, and then we'll end this Volume 3 the day after.

That's all of this weird and very crazy day!!!


Tribulation Surpassed