HSSB Chapter 275+Mehsage

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Yan Di: Without much of a difference in cultivation level, I am the superior!

(chapter edited by shippotle)

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Ah, a great tribulation has descended upon us.

Our structural integrity has been compromised.

Thunder rumbles threateningly overhead.

Eyeing us hungrily, wishing to smite us all.

As the storm descends on Broad Creed Mountain in HSSB, gales howl and clouds surge in the great volareverse.

What happened at Cloud Concealed Lake, where the Decimating Abyss raged and Hovering Island plummeted tragically from the sky-it is happening once more.

Already, grand islands whose reign seemed eternal have plummeted from the sky, us never again able to relish their breathtaking beauty. And yet others have had their foundations shaken, cracks like spiderwebs unceasingly spreading outwards, encroaching unforgivingly on their very core.

In a single day, the world has changed. These heavens and earth that we see today, these merciless faceless faces, are completely different from that which we knew of, embraced, just a mere twenty-four hours earlier.

A great change sweeps the world.

The future lies uncertain.

No one can say for sure what lies ahead. For there is no sure Yan Zhaoge here, no one with those intelligent tactics and strength to exert influence and forge decisive change above their own absolute levels, doing what others would never have thought possible for one of their typical calibre, their fame shaking the world.

Standing here, for all those who embrace HSSB as I do, it is my responsibility to state things clearly here.

As a mehre mehgre mehxistence, there is not much that I alone can do.

However, as in all things, all shall do as they believe by.

Five months ago, I didn't even know that HSSB existed.

Now, there are 275 chapters released, and yet many more to come.

I've read till the fourth volume, and can only sigh emotionally at how the story only gets better and better. Yet again, it seems like we may truly only be getting to the good part rather a bit later. Or it may be that this shall go on and on, the story only improving as it progresses.

On the raw side, there are currently approximately about 1171 chapters released.

By our original plans, we would be reaching that point in approximately a year.


Now, things lie uncertain, the very future blurry and vague.

But amidst this storm, HSSB shall not falter. As per the teachings of the Mehdao, teaching to stand against all the mehness of this world, to which point it itself is no longer needed, this Meh shall not stand down against the pervasive, boundless forces of mehness.

A great agent of world mehness currently stands in our path. And it is a saddening truth that in this mehworld, it is mehny a times that the great forces of mehness come tragically out on top.

Still, what road best follows the creed of the Mehdao here? It is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, to go on as per usual.

Mehness shall not reign supreme. Even if its evilness does come out on top, it is the way of the Mehdao to reduce its scale to as great an extent as is possible, spreading happiness and fulfillment to all humanity as is within its power, combating the grand forces of mehness of this intrinsically meh world. Amidst this mehworld, the one Mehdao strives on.

This Meh will be entering university in two months and a week, and HSSB will still be ongoing then. How will things have changed by then? For whatever reason, I remain cautiously optimistic, aiming to finish it to the end as long as it stands within the bounds of possible reason.

At the end, it is probably clear that a shift will be undergone from that certain great agent of mehness, serving that which induces a great mehness within this world. For the agent of mehness is but an admittedly greater speck amongst the infinite world of novels, and as an even smaller speck amidst this grand, majestic world, we translators are automatically entitled to delve within where we want to, as we would like. Ultimately, the great Mehdao shall not stand down to the unsavoury, boundless forces of mehness. And it is believed that one day, the Mehdao shall truly dissipate into formlessness amidst the grand, heavenly daos having fulfilled its purpose, watching over all as true liberation over mehness is achieved for good.

To translate/summarise/explain my own writings...the main thing is that HSSB shall not be ceasing, and shall also not be slowing. As long as a proper road still exists ahead, it shall go on. For those who have spare novel donation money, note the revival of the HSSB sponsored bar. As long as a chapter is sponsored, a chapter shall therefore be posted.

Together, let us celebrate HSSB for a long, long time more to come.


Bearing hope for the future,

Your resident Mehxistence