HSSB Chapter 261 (乐)

And all the best wishes to shippotle! Many happy returns!

From Chapter 258, the celebration chapters end with:

Chapter 261: The position of Chief!

It's double happiness!

Happy birthday shippotle!!!!

(And also happy ascension to Chief, a certain person who is not Yan Zhaoge!)

Everyone, wish shippotle a happy birthday!

Send him all your well wishes; send him a neverending harmonious, prosperous flow of this world's best qi. And let his birthday when he wakes up today be a best one ever!


However his fortune may have been, give him the best luck of the Yan Zhaoge this very day! Whatever mehthings the world throw at him, let it all be turned into fortune!

Good health, prosperity, and everything!

Happy birthday shippotle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!