HSSB Chapter 257


Here's Chapter 257: All thanks to you! (edited by shippotle)

The loyal Pan-Pan saves his master, Yan Zhaoge!

What a hero, Pan-Pan!

All extol Pan-Pan's deeds!!!!

Ah, alright, the chapter title isn't really referring to Pan-Pan.

More like...it's referring to Yan Zhaoge.

But going by cause and effect and order and whatever, can I just attribute it to Pan-Pan?



By the way, two things.

First, new novel on volare. Might wanna go read it for fun. Yup. K done.


Secondly and more importantly,

It's shippotle's birthday tomorrow!

It is utterly necessary that a few celebratory chapters be incoming.

Utterly necessary.

It will happen for all HSSB members.


Seven months after his. But that one's coming heavier.

Anyway...a few chapters to celebrate shippotle's birthday!

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There's a time difference thingy, so the release time will be after that(on the 15th there).

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