HSSB Chapter 254


Here's the plot twist in full!

And to know more, check out the teaser.

Enough said.

What an ingenious plan of the Decimating Abyss.

Really, where would these random BCM martial practitioners be without Yan Zhaoge?

Nah, the other way round is also true.

YZG can do that which normal people cannot, but even he is basically operating at max capacity when doing so.

HSSB does not simply consist of MC, less important side characters and enemy after enemy set to fall.

It consists of MC's team for which he is a key player, against other teams.

Having been born (or reincarnated) into such an age, being forced to deal with situations amidst his growth, not having the time to properly grow up first.

Therein lies fortune, whilst also danger.

But he prospers. And flourishes.

And that is where Yan Zhaoge shines.