HSSB Chapter 214 (End of Meh'ss release)!!!

End of Meh'ss release!

We finally reached Chapter 200!

Well, more like Chapter 214!...

Counting from January 1st, it's Day 111 for this Meh today! Lol!

Anyway, with this, this Meh officially declares himself a veteran!

This Meh'ss release sees through some BCM stuff to get to the more action-packed parts faster. See how PGC is gonna have a mini-mass release thing later? All things stem from the great Dao. And as part of all things, the grand Mehdao too.

Oh, and following the trend of the times, I'll be adding advance chapters to my Patreon after I finish posting these stuff after...like hours. Honestly, I must be an M to get up a stockpile and immediately destroy it after. Dang. Hmmm...

Of course, I will find some better, real rewards to put in place, but that'll have to wait until I think of them(or someone else does). Of course, the original patrons already there should have access to those as well, regardless of tier.

Just 3 months to uni. Well, there'll still be regular chapters then, but as said earlier, I'm thinking of adding in a few months of sponsored chapters starting next month. We'll see about that as soon as May starts.

Right. Off to do the Patreon changes. Long posting day...

'Mehxistence is on Patreon!

Join the Mehxistentials and corroborate the Mehdao!'

Please help me pay for uni! Or something like that?


More importantly, enjoy this first ever Meh'ss release and celebrate the coming of age of this now veteran Meh!


In this meh world where mehny things are all meh, that can be really mehdenning at times, this HSSB still exists to brighten up your days, be they meh or not!


All hail the great, eternal Mehdao!