HSSB Chapter 167


The Heavenly Connection Meet begins!

What'll be coming up?

Action, action, before a grave disaster!!! (Nah, this's no spoiler)

So, here's Chapter 167! (edited by shippotle)

We'll be pushing straight into the Heavenly Connection Meet!

Speaking more specifically, well, we'll be having 2 chapters a day like today for the upcoming week(next 7 days).

Yesterday...was not at all a nice day for me because some family drama straight out of a tv show actually blew up in my family and made me realise what a meh world this actually is behind everything that is taken for granted. Anyway, definitely not expanding on that, with this meh being too meh too do come up with any proper April Fool thing, I decided not to defile the sacred occasion that was yesterday and just simply take a break. I couldn't TL anything yesterday anyway.

Regardless, this does not change anything! This month's chapters start today, and I'll be aiming to finish Book 2 in just slightly over 2 weeks! And of course, Chapter 200. Hmmm, I still wish chapters would be released faster, but chapters don't get themselves out automatically, so, meh. Hey, this is just like the teleport syndrome where I wish I could teleport because having to leave the house is so annoying because my TL-ing is broken off and I no longer do phone translating. Sigh. And the worst thing is that transportation...happens both back and forth. Which means that travelling timing...is always doubled. Noooooooooooooo!

Well, there's sorta a new goal now where there'd be 54/55 chapters a month instead, so maybe there'd be more eventually?

In the meantime, I've made sure to keep the release rate above the minimum possible threshold that I can stand, so it's fine.

Read on, and have fun with the story!



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