HSSB Chapter 163

And...50th! Whew!

In this chapter, before Yan Zhaoge, Liu Shengfeng.......!!!

I'll not say any more, but, hmmm, I wonder if a certain manner of Liu Shengfeng's is hinting something about the meaning of this novel's title?


Behold- Embarrassing them all the way back to Infinite Boundless Mountain!!! (edited by shippotle)

And by the way.

Is this really the last chapter of the month?

The answer is a no.

One, breaking off the daily chain would be meh.

Two, there's a really nice place to end off the month at tomorrow.

Three, I have patrons, so mehfeels like I just have to throw in some bonus chapters when I can!

And so, I'll be ranting um, touching on some things tomorrow. Yup, because there's stuff I gotta talk about.

Including something which might possibly have something to do with...more chapters. Um...Uhuh.

Translating not more then fifty, whilst increasing the number of chapters?

Hmmm, yeah, it's possible.

Well, that's all for this day, but, not all for this month!